Social Media Managers “Get Rich Quick”

moneyI have been interested to read concerns about people entering the field of social media management and trying to get rich quick with no experience or intention to work for it. To do this job right and maximise the benefits of social media networks for clients I don’t see how this can be such a scheme.

Unfortunately, in any industry there will be an element of people entering with the perception of it being easy to make money quickly, in some cases by exploiting businesses. I think in social media these people will quickly find out a) it is not quick and easy to achieve good results (especially if success is measured correctly i.e. not just numbers of irrelevant fans/followers) and b) they won’t get away with providing poor service for long without their reputation being destroyed publicly and them being replaced. The concern is the negative impact on the reputation of social media managers in general.

I have learnt a lot through experience and study but would never claim to be an expert – beware of those who do. No serious business hands over money without checking the credentials of those they are employing – buyer beware, as in any business. The nature of the internet and working with social media ensures it is easy for businesses to check who they are talking to. There are certainly plenty of lists of questions online for businesses to ask when looking but do you know what the answers should be? Don’t be afraid to put a list together yourself based on your businesses needs, compare a few businesses and know your budget.

There is another consideration with the negative comments – people wanting to degrade the reputation of new businesses to promote themselves. I obviously dislike this as a tactic and never intend to use it. There should be enough positive things to say about their own business to not have to need to try to degrade the service of others.

Direct experience is valuable but so is skill. I see the difference being time to achieve results and amount the service can cost. With passion and determination a skilled person can achieve a lot. The relationship with your social media manager is built on trust and so should be built over time with the manager consistently proving results that are mutually agreed.

moneyIt is possible to generate a good salary from managing social media accounts for people but only the people who have the right skills and mindset will be successful.  Anyone wanting to work in this field without effort, time and skill will find it is unlikely to generate income. Its about staying on top of the developing online social environment and reacting appropriately for clients, providing eyes and ears and voice for the business online when they don’t have time to dedicate to it.

I am loving my work as a Social Media Manager and enjoy being able to have a job I look forward to every day, work hard at and see results and that also enables me to have a healthy work life balance. I believe this makes me a very rich person!

Please let me know what you think.

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Gil Gorev April 20, 2011 at 10:14 am

Hi Sarah

Thank you for raising this issue. I am a procurement consultant and find that my area of business has a similar trend, where the difference between perception and real value is sometimes hard to make. In our line of business some practitioners are moving from one client to another, without necessarily becoming known for bad performance as clients have no recognised medium to inform the wider public of their experience.
I think the advantage for social media managers could be in the level of exposure you have to the different social networks and the ability of unsatisfied clients to make their opinion known as well as sing praise to those who deliver real value…


sarahgorev April 20, 2011 at 11:00 am

Hi Gil, thanks or the comments. Its true where there is a hit and run approach to a project it can take time for people to realise the value, or lack of, resulting from their actions. There is no where to hide on social media so poor performance will be identified and good service can be celebrated in the open.


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