Help, I think my Twitter account has been hacked!

I am sorry to see so many examples of accounts being hacked on Twitter.

If you are active on Twitter, I am sure you will have seen strange direct messages every so often. They may come from accounts you usually trust and they appear to need to draw your attention to a picture ‘they have seen of you’ or ‘something awful being said about you’. They also include a handy link for you to check it out.

Why do people believe the direct message? There are a couple of reasons, I think, why people do seem to click and it spreads so quickly.

1. It feeds on the worry that there is something being shared about you you don’t know about.

2. It can come from an account you trust.

3. Using a direct message makes it appear more personal.

What should you do? Don’t click! If you are ever unsure, take a quick look at the person’s recent tweets.  You will often see they have been suddenly tweeting about diet pills at 2am so its clear they are not controlling the account.I always send the person a direct message back telling them they have been hacked with advice on what to do. Most people get notifications of twitter direct messages through to their emails so they should see this.

What will happen if you do click on the link? You will usually see a page telling you Twitter has timed out and you should log back in. Its quick and easy to follow and put your password in without realising it is not the real Twitter page.

Help, I think my Twitter account has been hacked! If you do put in your details (even by mistake), don’t panic but do take action immediately.

1. Change your password as soon as you are aware that is what has happened. If messages have already gone out, tweet that you are sorry, your account was hacked and not to open any links that could have come from you in the last x hours.

2.Check the applications attached to the account. Go in to settings-apps and you may see one that you don’t recognise, in which case revoke access using the button on the right of the app.

3. Don’t forget that if you use the same password across different sites you should probably change those to if they are clearly also yours.

What do I do if I can’t even log in?  Twitter have forms that enable you to get access to your account again. Find them here.

Its awful that this issue even exists but hopefully this article has helped you understand it and what to do if it happens to you.

Have you seen any of these messages? Please post any you have seen below to warn others.

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