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screamYesterday, Facebook announced they are rolling out Facebook ‘Timeline’ for business pages.¬†For those of you who have spent time, effort and maybe money getting your page looking ‘just right’ you may be wondering, “Should we panic….”?

In a word, No! but thought this post would be helpful to just highlight a few things to be aware of:

  • Rather than your side profile picture, you will have a ‘cover photo’ similar to the change to personal profiles. It can create a really strong visual impression. However, the cover photo can not contain:
    • Price or purchase info (such as x% off or “download it on our site”)
    • Contact info such as email addresses, email addresses or info from the About section
    • References to interface elements such as ‘like’ or ‘share’
    • Calls to action, such as ‘buy it now’ or ‘tell your friends’
  • There is no longer an option for a default landing tab. These landing pages and reveal tabs were great to create a bit of excitement and have a clear call to action to ‘like’ a page. There are rumours that this may change again so it might not be the end to default landing tabs…
  • Tabs haven’t gone completely, so if you were using them for a giveaway/ competition or additional information don’t panic ūüôā They now sit below the cover photo. You can have 12 and order them as you like but the first four will show up automatically. They can now have an image so thats where you can have a great call to action to click.
  • If there is an interesting history to your business, this is a great opportunity to show it off.
  • You will be able to make certain posts really stand out by making them stretch across the full page.
  • When you visit a page you can clearly see which of your friends have liked it and any comments they have made.
  • Pages set up for a ‘local business’ will show the map at the top of the page in the tab boxes below the cover shot. This is much easier to find.
  • The admin panel at the top right of the page is where you can find your notifications and analytics.
  • Fans can now send private messages to the page.

By¬†following¬†the link at the top of your page (if you are admin) you can change your page over now.¬†You can preview it this way (and only the admin will be able to see it in this format while you update elements to the way you want them). When you are happy, you can ‘publish’ which finalises the change over and makes it public.

Facebook will not automatically change business pages over for you until 30th March 2012.

Whenever there are changes, it can cause some degree of…discomfort initially but by working with the changes this could be an interesting update for Facebook pages.¬†Lets face it, its unlikely to be the last change.¬†I think used well, the pages could have a lot more impact and give fans a better chance to get a feel for the business. What do you think?

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