Organ donation comes to Facebook

blood and transplant organ donationFacebook’s mission to make the world more open and connected just developed further. From today (01/05/2012) you can add to your timeline that you have registered as an organ donor.

The UK Organ Donation Campaign Facebook page announced this as, “Very exciting news! A collaboration between NHS Blood and Transplant and Facebook has enabled a new way to raise awareness for Organ Donation. Those wishing to register for organ donation can now do so by using the ‘register’ tab on our page AND then share their wishes with friends and family via the life event tab. We hope this new feature will help Facebook users in the UK to use the power of friendship to save lives. So, join the NHS Organ Donor Register now and add a ‘health and wellness’ life event to your timeline !”.

How to I add being an organ donor to my timeline?

On your timeline, click to add a ‘Life Event’.

From the dropdown of options, select ‘Health and Wellbeing’

Select ‘Organ Donor’

You can add location where you have registered, when and if there is any additional story to why you registered. There is also a link to register if you haven’t already.

By using the option at the bottom, you can also decide who to share this life event with.

So far, sharing your organ donor status is only possible in the US and the UK  but I believe the plan is for other countries to follow.

It is fantastic to see the opportunity of sharing with others on Facebook has reached out to events that are in the public interest to help.

Why should you consider donating?

This infographic shows the difference between agreeing with the idea and taking action.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the NHS to increase registration through the accessibility and visibility provided by Facebook.

Will you be sharing your registration on your timeline? Will seeing that your friends and family have registered encourage you to register too? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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